"To grow the faith in you so you can sow your faith in others"

Chosen 2 Change (Young Adult) Ministry (Ages 18-30)

Many are called but few are chosen, a popular scripture quoted by many believers and non-believers, is very appropriate for this ministry. No doubt, God is calling many to a life of change and renewal, especially young adults, but few are actually ready to make that transformation through “right now” sacrifices and commitments. We call those who answer this challenge “Chosen to Change”. These young men and women, between the ages of 18-30 are determined to live holy and dedicated lives, and offer themselves as friends, mentors, brothers and sisters to those who are struggling to make the same bold decision. They serve as the bridge between the youth and young adulthood, as well as the “middleman” in making the transition from adulthood to seasoned believer as smooth as possible.