"To grow the faith in you so you can sow your faith in others"

The Shepherd's House

The Shepherd's House is the mission home of Faith in God Restoration Church. It is our administration office and is used for various outreach events, Charlotte Life Christian University classes, Marriage Academy, Leadership Training and is where our Thursday Night Bible Study is held. 

The Vision 
The 4 His Glory Campus will contain a family life center, education center and sanctuary for our worship and celebration services. Facilities that are rented, leased or owned are tools to help us accomplish God's vision for His church. When we can no longer serve the needs of the ministry with the rented facilities we must move forward and take the steps to make God's vision come to pass. 

4 His Glory Vision explained:

3 Buildings + 1 Church in Unity=4 His Glory

3 Buildings are: Sanctuary, Family Life Center, Education Building